Therapy for everyday & entrenched Issues

Counseling & Therapy In Bridport

Why Take Therapy?

Therapy can help you to become more accepting of yourself and others. It can be most useful in promoting personal development, unlocking your potential and exploring new horizons.

Counselling is a completely non-judgmental and objective way of helping you to find more positive options and to empower you to take better control of your life.

This enables you to move forward with a greater understanding of your own needs and options.

You do not need to just do one or the other. We can combine your counselling and hypnotherapy sessions to suit you.

Prices are £45 per hour session.
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Therapy Can Help With:

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Relationship problems - excludes couples counselling

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Confidence building

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Sexual abuse

The first step is the hardest

make the call asking for help takes courage

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